Where It All Began

ECO Surv formed in 2013 as a multi-disciplinary company specialising in sustainable building design and software solutions for the energy and utilities industry.

Our founders, Nathaniel and Alessandro, have more than 20 years of experience in the property, construction, design and sustainability sectors. Our passion is business efficiency through smart application and development of software.

Our Journey So Far


Training Programmes

We began by running training programmes for Domestic Energy Assessors for the new ECO scheme.

Early 2013

Client Consultations

We started consulting with a number of ECO clients to unlock potential energy saving measures in post 1983 properties

May 2013

ECO Surv V1

V1 of ECO Surv was released to our clients which supported cavity wall and loft measures – this was only the beginning of our journey.

Sep 2013

Mobile App

To ensure our platform could be used at all times by our clients, we released our mobile app! At this time, we have 3 in the team and around 10 clients using the platform.

April 2014

Framework Changes

Compliance changes from ECO1 to ECO2 helped dictate our next move in the industry which was to include boiler measures. We quickly developed and released this area of ECO Surv.

Oct 2014


ECO Surv settled down in our first home, our Chorley HQ.

Nov 2014

ECO Surv Baby

First ECO Surv baby! Alessandro welcomed his first baby boy.

End 2014

Building our Team

The team doubled in size in a year to a team of 7.

Jan 2015

ECO Surv V2

ECO Surv V1 processed over 150,000 ECO measures ensuring we stepped up and released V2.

Apr 2015

Apprenticeship Programme

First Apprenticeship hire Alex, who is still with us and is a key team member to this day.

Summer 2015

Installer App

Installers were clearly our largest client base so we took charge and released the installer app on iPhone and iPad.


3rd place - A Start of What's to Come

3rd Place for the Data & Software Company of the Year at the Energy Efficiency Awards.

Apr 2017

More Team Growth

ECO 2t released more scheme changes making our day-to-day jobs an exciting challenge making us grow to a team of 9.


1st Place!

Nathaniel and Alessandro became members of the Ofgem ECO Reporting Working Group and we won 1st place for Data & Software Company of the Year at the Energy Efficiency Awards.


A Busy Year for Team ECO Surv

What a big year! We attended our first NIA conference, released the Funder level of our platform, the scheme changed to ECO 3 and we grew to a team of 16. To top off our busy year we came in 2nd place for Data & Software Company of the Year at the Energy Efficiency Awards – winning awards 3 years in a row.


Growing our Client Base...1st Place Again?!

We never stand still which shows as we began to redevelop our platform for the 3rd time. We reached 100 clients (!) and came 1st again as the Data & Software Company of the Year at the Energy Efficiency Awards.


The World of Retrofit Begins

We wanted to shout about our platform and therefore had a stand at Futurebuild. We also became one of the founding members of the Retrofit Centre of Excellence.


The Best Team, the Best Platform

We are now a team of 25 and growing! We are continually improving our platform every day to ensure we can be the best for our current and future clients.

Why Choose ECO Surv

By using ECO Surv, our clients have experienced increased productivity, huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the process.

Be part of the industry-leading ECO software platform and contact us today for more information.