Social Housing Schemes

There are various social housing schemes across the UK that are available, and below are some of the schemes we are currently working with:


SHDF (Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund) Scheme

The Government has proposed a £3.8bn Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund over a 10-year period, to improve the energy performance of social rented homes. A £62m fund was announced in 2020 followed by £160m for the first wave of the SHDF, with projects being delivered to January 2023 (and more recently extended!).

The SHDF second wave was announced in September 2022, with a funding grant of £800 million made available that will be going live soon from March/April 2023. This increased grant is aiming to provide up to 130,000 low-income English households with an EPC rating of D or lower, with the opportunity to improve energy-efficiency across measures such as external wall and loft insulation, energy-efficient doors and windows, and solar panels.


LAD (Local Authority Delivery) Scheme

The LAD scheme aims to upgrade the energy efficiency rating of approximately 50,000 low income and low energy performance homes across the country, saving consumer money in rising energy costs in the process. Each local authority will program their own scheme for their area and will involve insulation and renewable installations. 

The aim of this scheme is to deliver progress towards sustainable warmth: reducing household energy bills as well as supporting the phase-out of fossil fuel heating and the UK’s commitment to net zero by 2050.


HUG (Home Upgrade Grant) Scheme

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) helps both qualifying homeowners and private renters to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, where those homes are off gas-grid, i.e. not served by mains gas. HUG is funded by the government’s Local Authority Delivery scheme. The grant covers part or all the cost of the installation, and can include, but may not be limited to: 

– Loft Insulation
– Underfloor insulation
– Wall Insulation
– Solar Voltaic
– Low Carbon Technologies


Our Accreditations

ECO Surv’s Retrofit Service

ECO Surv’s Retrofit Service is a bespoke service that covers the specialist retrofit process end-to-end from Retrofit Assessment and Coordination through to Evaluation, allowing organisations to complete jobs without the need for in-house Retrofit Coordination. 

We work directly with social housing providers, private contractors, installers and local authorities to deliver a thorough and compliant service allowing customers to deliver projects effectively to legislative requirements and efficiently to meet the needs of teams. 


Get in touch below if you would like ECO Surv to support you through your Retrofit journey.