What our customers say

We decided to go to market for our ECO customer management platform over 2 years ago as part of our forward strategy to reduce paper and increase quality and compliance in line with GDPR and our Utility funding partners.

Ian Godsman, Chief Operating Officer, SCIS

The main reason I use ECO Surv is because of the usability. The fact that everything is completely online means that it is easy to amend and change documents if necessary. I was initially recommended ECO Surv by my funder Anesco, who told me it would transform my submission process. They were right! Since then the support ECO Surv have provided through their Customer Support and Business Development team has been second to none.

Andrew McNee, Submission Manager, Boiler Genie

I would definitely recommend ECO Surv. From a cost standpoint to an efficiency perspective, ECO Surv is head and shoulders above the rest. I previously used ECO Surv within my previous organisation Pacifica, and based on an initial good experience, I recommend the software here as soon as we secured funding. There are now 80 of us in my organisation that use the software and I would consider recommending ECO Surv to others in the future.

Keiron Wells, Director, Gas Tech (Wales)


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Why Choose ECO Surv

By using ECO Surv, our clients have experienced increased productivity, huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the process.

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