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I chose ECO Surv as my main system from the outset and I have never felt the need to use another system - ECO Surv has always been superior for our needs and I 100% believe it is a good platform. Being easy to use and highlighting clear steps to follow, it makes my role of assessing easier and allows me to gather the exact correct information.

Stephen Wilkinson, Retrofit Assessor, Elite Group Services

Retrofit Coordination is a complex process for all contractors and delivery partners involved however the support that the team at ECO Surv have provided throughout has been excellent. The main differentiator being the KPIs around timelines being consistently better than other providers. We would definitely recommend ECO Surv to others and frequently have done.

Michael Morrall, Head of Business Development, Dyson Energy Services

We decided to go to market for our ECO customer management platform over 2 years ago as part of our forward strategy to reduce paper and increase quality and compliance in line with GDPR and our Utility funding partners.

Ian Godsman, Chief Operating Officer, SCIS

The Retrofit Coordinator process can be a minefield and ECO Surv gives a structure to work to. All of the Retrofit systems in the market have glitches. However, the Customer Support team at ECOSurv are by far the best out there. If the support line is busy, the team respond to all queries immediately. I would 100% recommend ECO Surv and have done so to a number of installers. All based on the outstanding service provided by Customer Support.

Alex Leighton, Retrofit Coordinator, Retrofit-Coordinators.uk

Prior to using ECO Surv, we were always struggling with excess paperwork which meant mistakes were easy to make and time consuming to fix. ECO Surv offered us everything in one place including data and signatures meaning it was much easier to gather information. As opposed to the leading competitor, ECO Surv allows you to be accredited with multiple accreditation providers giving me the independence to make the best decisions for my business.

Will Bailes, Retrofit Coordinator, CES NorthWest Ltd


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By using ECO Surv, our customers have experienced increased productivity, huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the process.

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