In February, ECO Surv participated in a special episode on Stroma Certification’s podcast to talk all things Futurebuild!
The Futurebuild exhibition took place on the 1st–3rd March 2022 at the London ExCeL centre, and this is the second time that we have exhibited. In the lead up, Nathaniel Butters (Founding Director at ECO Surv) joined John Prydderch and Andrew Parkin from Stroma to discuss:
  • What ECO Surv has available to showcase for potential customers?
  • Why is the Retrofit Zone at Futurebuild so important?
  • How will ECO Surv showcase their partnership with Stroma at the exhibition?
  • What is coming up after the exhibition, for our customers to look forward too?
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This article originally appeared in Podcast S2 E3 -Futurebuild 2022 | Stroma Certification.