The journey towards a Safer, Sustainable and more Compliant Built Environment is not one we’re making alone. Our Founding Director, Nathaniel Butters took some time to speak to one our Partner’s Stroma about how ECO Surv is making steps to improve our future.


1. Who are ECO Surv?

We founded the company in 2013, when ECO was formed. We saw a gap in the market for a new compliance solution due to the changes in compliance requirements. Our initial offer to the market was through chartered surveyors reports for hard to treat properties and non-standard U-value calculations. We became a full end-to-end digital solution for ECO installers, which the market had never seen before.


2. What are the advantages of using ECO Surv?

You can use ECO Surv to simplify complex compliance and regulatory policy requirements. We’re a compliance solution and our core products are geared to energy efficiency and retrofit. We can save Retrofit professionals time and the software allows collaboration between different parts of the Retrofit process. The Stroma team has access into the software for audit purposes to make that process slicker.


3. What’s coming next from ECO Surv?

We’re always listening to our clients from every angle to make improvements. We want to make the retrofit process seamless, including notifications to improve the communication through the system. Evolution is a big part of what we do to meet the customer’s needs. We need to ensure that the documentation is up-to-date from a compliance point of view and that the workflow is as efficient as it can be. Since we have so many different types of user on ECO Surv from the back office, to electricians, coordinators, surveyors, assessors, lead generators and fitters – the passing of information and data is critical. We’re always trying to tailor the system to the customer’s requirements. ECO Surv is always changing and we want users to focus on their work rather than the administration of that work.


4. How can our members find out more?

Stroma Certification members can get a tailored online demonstration of the software. At the start of the process we’ll understand your business, what you’re currently doing and how we can help you achieve your future goals. After any comprehensive development on the platform we’ll offer a webinar to showcase the latest topics. We’ve recently started a weekly drop-in session for Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors to learn more about the system. We’re committed to continually serving information to our customers.


Interested in using ECO Surv for Retrofit? Call us on 0345 621 11 11 (ext.205) or email


This article originally appeared in The Assessor: Issue #2.