ECO Surv is excited to announce the launch of our Retrofit Service. The bespoke service covers the retrofit process end-to-end from Pre-Install to Installation right through to Post-Install allowing organisations to complete jobs seamlessly without the need for an in-house Retrofit Coordinator.


ECO Surv work directly with social housing providers, private contractors, installers, and local authorities to deliver a thorough and compliant service allowing clients to deliver projects effectively to all current regulatory and legislative requirements efficiently to meet the needs of all government energy efficiency programs.


The service is headed up by Lead Retrofit Coordinator Andrew Blackley, an experienced and RICS Chartered Surveyor, who is our in-house Retrofit expert!

It is a really exciting time to be launching our in-house Retrofit Service not just to our ECO customers but also Social Housing, making our service go even further. When I joined ECO Surv as Lead Retrofit Coordinator I was tasked with growing the Retrofit team from the ground up. Bringing over 18 years’ of experience in residential property dilapidations and acting as an Expert Witness in Building Disrepair cases, my aim is always to ensure our clients are fully PAS2035 compliant and helping the customer and client effectively retrofit properties so that no future issues arise.

ECO Surv is currently working across both ECO and Social Housing schemes including LAD (Local Authority Delivery), LA Flex (Local Authority Eligibility Flexibility), SHDF (Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund) and HUG (Housing Improvement Grants). If you are an installer and are currently working under these schemes, ECO Surv can provide assistance at any stage of the Retrofit process.


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