At a glance:

Project: Project with Castle Owen on behalf of Sheffield Council

  • Funding Stream = SHDF (Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund) Scheme

Project: Project with Aston Housing Group on behalf of Camden Council

  • Funding Stream = SHDF Scheme

 Project: Project with WarmWorks on South East Energy Hub delivery

  • Funding Stream = LAD (Local Authority Delivery) Scheme

Project: Project with Calico Homes 

  • Funding Stream = SHDF Scheme


ECO Surv’s is proud to be delivering projects in conjunction with our Partners; Castle Owen (on behalf of Sheffield Council), Aston Housing Group (on behalf of Camden Council), Calico Homes and WarmWorks (on the delivery of South East Energy Hub). ECO Surv is providing Retrofit Coordination services on all projects undertaken as part of the LAD (Local Authority Delivery) and SHDF (Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund) schemes.


Founding Director, Nathaniel Butters speaks on ECO Surv’s involvement,

We are really focussed on growth in the social housing sector and see this as a key strategic move for the company for the rest of 2022, which dovetails perfectly with our technology side of the business! We are proud to be working with key Partners recently Castle Owen, Aston Housing Group and WarmWorks on some flagship projects across the UK as we expand our services and grow our in house Retrofit Team.

If you are currently working across any social housing funding streams ECO Surv’s Retrofit Team can support you in your delivery. Get in touch below for more information.